Spangled Activities

Spangled Activities

It is going to be far beyond the grandeurs of an existing pattern of award functions. Here with Edison Awards, it involves whole lot of processes to be palmed into a good shape. The long-running process involves

  • Formation of committee and selection of award winners
  • Organizing award distribution and cultural programs.
  • Involving cine artists and celebrities to provide awards
  • Arranging of telecast of edited version of entire programs for three hours in popular private channels
    • Fame Private Channel - India
    • Astro TV– Malaysia
    • Vasantham TV- Singapore
    • Sakthi TV-Srilanka
    • Tamil One - Canada
    • Deepam - UK
    • G TV - Australia
    • Sangamam - Dubai
    • Darisanam TV – Europe
  • 5 hrs continuous programs include speech, award distribution, compere, comedy skits, and advertisements.
  • Follow up activities that include the complete function processed through post-production works.

Overall role of & Pink Ads in ceremonial occasion of Edison awards

Rather than claiming this to be a big mission, regards this as a gesture of honoring the high-potentials of film celebrities of every department. Preparing the coziest ambience, raising the curtains of absolute entertainment and many more goldrush will be the ultimate motto of Edison awards.

  • Over all planning and execution of activities
  • Co coordinating with all sponsors
  • Developing criteria, selecting award winners for Actors, Actresses, Directors, Music Directors, Comedians, Cameramen, Editors, Choreographer, Dancers, singers, lyrists arranging for Announcements
  • Inviting the award winners, ensuring their participation
  • Inviting cine team for distribution of awards and delivering Messages
  • Fixing up venue and over all event management
  • Dance programs- Artists from Malaysia, Singapore and Srilanka perform with local dancers
  • Press and media co ordination
  • Initiating a dialogue with a selected popular artist to form core 
  • Team for advocacy initiatives
  • Arranging for mementos, shields, and awards
  • Invitation & Tickets printing
  • Crowd management
  • Government, police, cine / TV unions and coordination with   other related organizations
  • Preparations and submission of report
  • Utilizing for voting by the viewers to select the award winners

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