The grandiloquent epitome of all awards

Acknowledged and ardently ennobled for honouring the icon father of cinema – Thomas Alva Edison, the awards ceremony has been striding with an eternal praise for the genius of entertainment and vision.

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“Thinking should become your capital asset, no matter whatever ups and downs you come across in your life”

An augmentative quote marked by the most adorable APJ Abdul Kalam. Well, there are few who just don’t prescribe thinking as a capital asset, but a value that carves them a niche not just as a successful entrepreneur, but a valuable personality of congeniality and unparalleled nature.…

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STR wins the Best Actor Award; SJ Surya, Harish Kalyan, Lijomol, Losliya & more celebs galore in 14th Annual Edison Awards

Edison awards annually travels an extra mile in search of identifying and felicitate the Talents that goes into making of films. Assuring the drudgery gets recognition. At Edison awards, we have implemented ourselves as one of the forage of entertainments. The unbaptized encomium credits have failed to encroach into Edison awards. The awards have been a symbol of utmost pure appreciation. Troth has been the shibboleth, from adroit of legendries to the youngest consortium of techs none with the real talent goes unnoticed in this award ceremony. Paving way for the unnoticed, Edison Awards is symposiums of Knack.

As every year passed by, the magnificence doubled and tripled, making it the gala it is today, one of the most sought-after awards that are unclasped by the Tamilians all across the globe making it one of the most revered awards that is much waited for. As the awards keep going up the ladder, the celebrity presence keep increasing year after year.

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